Cold Brew Matcha

Taking a break from coffee isn’t happening anytime soon, however adding some clean energy from Rishi teas certified organic matcha tea is happening now. Matcha tea is naturally high in and antioxidants, which is incredibly important when maintaining a strong immune system. 

Enjoy the clean, refreshing taste and uplifting energy of matcha in this simple cold format.  Each plant-based sachet is filled with premium stone-milled Japanese matcha and tencha – the shade grown leafy green tea that is ground to make matcha.  Combining matcha with tencha give the double benefit of rich slow-brewed whole tea leaves with the extra punch of matcha powder. 

Lets Get Ready to Brew!

1: Place 1 Cold Brew Matcha Sachet into a tall glass pitcher, like Rishi’s 1000ml Simple Brew 
2: Add: 150ml hot water (170°F). Steep for 1 minute 
3: Filled with 850ml cold water. Steep for 8-12 hours (to your taste).  Remove sachet and Enjoy! 
Each sachet yields 1 liter (about 1 quart) of Cold Brew Matcha Green tea, for over twenty 8oz servings per package 

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