Sprouted Walnuts

Looking for that snack that lights up your taste buds but doesn’t light up the scale? This healthy and flavorful snack is the perfect solution. Full of hard to get nutrients like magnesium, zinc, and amino acids, sprouted walnuts are a delightful health choice. With their warm and buttery flavor and just-right crunch, the taste is delectable and irresistible.

Their classic sprouted walnuts are straight-forward: just a bag of sprouted walnuts. This allows the full buttery-warm flavors of the walnut to really emerge, giving a satisfying crunch to a healthy snack.

Their savory sprouted walnuts are infused in a delectable mix of whole savory flavors. The infusing process leaves behind a subtle yet full flavor

Why sprouted?

Sprouting does two things to the nut: it releases bound up nutrition, and it breaks down the protective barrier around the nut. Put together, this means increased bioavailability to your body: more nutritious, and easier to digest!

We grow, harvest, process, package, and ship these delicious California sprouted walnuts, from our doorstep to your doorstep.

Whatever the activity, these savory sprouted walnuts will keep your tastebuds satisfied.


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