If you really want to rise and shine hydrate first thing in the morning for these major benefits!

Electrolytes in the am.

Wake up and drink 8oz of water and 8oz of a hydration drink. By starting your day with hydration you are ensuring healthy blood flow and the release of toxins from your system. Drinking water in the morning prevents toxic build up such as kidney stones and protects you from color or bladder infections.

Timing is everything. Hydrating in the morning wakes up your digestion system for a healthy lower bowls and regularity. Water in the morning will do two things that directly impact your physical and mental performance.

1. Stimulates rapid growth of red blood cells.

2. Generates more O2 in your blood, literally giving you life! Energy! Oxygen is life to cells and helps to fight free radicals

3. Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Water in the morning can boost your metabolic rate.

Hydrating in the morning will only get you to your fitness goals faster. First thing in the morning rev your metabolism engine with your hydration drink. Studies have shown by drinking water on an empty stomach you can improve your metabolic rate. An increased metabolic rate also means improved digestion.

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