There is nothing like a warm cup of tea during these colder months and this month we have two Vahdam Teas that we are sure you will love.

A legacy of over 80 years in the Indian tea industry. Explorement is what led to the creation of VAHDAM® India. Their purpose is to redefine the way the world experiences tea and other native Indian foods. The conventional supply of these foods in India is impaired by the involvement of multiple middlemen like auctioneers, retailers, and suppliers. With the help of their radical supply chain, they eliminate unnecessary middlemen and source premium teas and superfoods from renowned gardens in India.

Turmeric spice 

Gratify yourself with this sprightly and zesty tisane! This award-winning Turmeric Spiced Herbal Tea Tisane is the perfect spiced antidote to your immunity woes. Superfood turmeric with the goodness of active curcumin is blended with black pepper which is proven to increase nutrient absorption in the body. Cardamom helps in promoting gut flora, while cloves promote good oral health. This is sunshine in a cup with a token of powerful health benefits. 

  • Calming & Comforting With Anti-Inflammatory Properties.
  • Turmeric blended with Aromatic Spices.
  • Certified Organic | NON-GMO Verified.
  • Caffeine-Free Herbal Tisane.

Lemon Ginger 

This zesty and warming tea is summer and good health in a single cup with their Himalayan Green Tea mixed with fresh, sprightly summer lemons and bountiful botanicals. Filled with ginger that aids in digestion and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This also has  orange peel that contains vitamin C, that is known for fighting infection, cold and flu .

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