Last night, our founder, Rose, cooked Wondergrain’s Sorghum and incorporated it in an original recipe – Fit Snack’s Shrimp Tandoori Curry. As I savored the mix of flavors, it brought to mind a slew of possibilities for recipes. When I asked Rose where she had found her recipe, to my surprise she created it herself. Sorghum will inspire you to think out side of the box to create meals that incorporate the light whole grain and leave you feeling perfectly satisfied. If you are not great on the creative cooking front, you can go to the Wondergrain website and visit their recipe collection.


What is Sorghum, you ask?

Deemed Whole Grain of the Month for June 2015 by the Whole Grain Council, it is a very special ancient whole grain. Sorghum is unique, not only because of its versatility in the kitchen, but because of its resilience as a crop. This ancient grain is only now being rediscovered in the U.S., but in other countries it has been a primary cereal grain. Here are some names you may have heard before:


“Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is known under a great many names: milo, guinea corn in West Africa, kafir corn in South Africa, dura in Sudan, mtama in eastern Africa, jowar in India and kaoliang in China.” –Whole Grain Council


Wondergrain Sorghum is unique in that it is the fastest cooking Sorghum on the market. This product is so easy to include in your Sunday meal prep because the grains never get soggy and they hold all of their nutrients. Unlike other whole grains, this ancient grain does not have an inedible hull and the outer layer can be eaten while retaining all of the nutrients.


Popcorn lovers – here’s a fun fact: you can pop sorghum! It’s just like popcorn, only smaller. Enjoy your Shrimp Tandoori Curry recipe compliments of Fit Snack.