Beef jerky is something many of us reach for when we are on the go to satisfy our hunger or to fuel our workouts. This month we have some bacon jerky; That’s right bacon jerky that doesn’t sacrifice flavor to keep you living a healthy lifestyle.  Over at Wicked Cutz they have made it their mission to create convenient, great tasting, high protein snacks that don’t sacrifice flavor. Wicked Cultz jerky is an all-natural hormone free high protein craft jerky. Not to mention it comes in a variety of flavors and heat. So, whether you are looking for something so satisfy a savory craving or a sweet one, Wicked Cultz guarantees you will love the wickedly awesome flavor. 

Wicked Cutz Breakfast Style Bacon Jerky is a simple, but flavor packed jerky reminiscent of simpler times and joyous mornings eating breakfast with your family and loved ones. A traditional, buttery, all natural Bacon like your mom used to fry up on a Sunday morning, but without the mess. This mouthwatering new Bacon Jerky is your favorite Breakfast food in a convenient grab-n-go bag and is packed with protein, not to mention it’s preservative and gluten free

Bacon Jerky comes in Applewood, Old Fashioned Maple, and Siracha Style. Free of : 

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup 
  • Gluten free 
  • Free of Preservatives 

“America’s favorite food now comes prepared in a grab and go Wicked Cutz Jerky pouch delivered directly from heaven to your door”- Branch Warren

From Wicked Cutz-

“Our overarching mission at Wicked Cutz is to give consumers convenient, great tasting, high protein meat snacks so they don’t have to sacrifice flavor while pushing themselves to live a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, our core product is an all-natural, hormone free, high protein craft jerky.​ In 2018, brand owner Scott James who formerly owned and founded one of the World’s largest supplement companies; BSN, came to his business partner and former Pro Bodybuilder Branch Warren and proposed they join forces to create the best and most unique craft jerky company that would dominate the industry. Scott built his last business from the ground up in 2001 and grossed over $750 million in revenue over a 10 year period. In 2010 Scott sold his business and now follows his dream of owning this incredible jerky company with Branch. “

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