L’ORENTA has gourmet nuts, dried fruits, nut mixes, chocolates, and Dutch Stroopwafels, all with a touch of elegance. Since 1934, their family has been dedicated to fine food and flavors. First in Amsterdam and now in the United States, they are proud to share their authentic Dutch recipe stroopwafels. 

Derived from expert confectionary crafters in the Netherlands, their classic Caramel Stroopwafel is the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy, while being 100% free of GMO ingredients for an all-natural experience which is better for you and kinder to our planet.  

Simply put, Caramel Cookie Waffle Goodness.  

The Stroopwafel is two delicious, delectable waffle cookies with a creamy, caramel syrup filling in the center. These delightful Dutch cookies can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and make the perfect snack. once you start nibbling on one, you’ll never want to stop. These cookies make an especially perfect pair to a relaxing coffee or tea break, which is how we recommend they be appreciated. Just set the Stroopwafel on top of your mug and let the steam from your drink do the rest. The steam will then heat the cookie and melt the inside caramel layer to a gooey goodness. Give it just a little bit of time, and these cookies will be more than ready to enjoy. 

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