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Fit Snack | Fit Life Guide 02

Self Love Month: All you need to feel your best starts with you. Stretching or Yoga with controlled breathing helps with Focus and Clarity. Welcome to your Fit Life Guide. Here's what's inside: February Workout | Meditation | Meal Prep Guide | #LOOKLIKEAFITSNACK...

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Trick OR Treat? Why not both?

We have the trick to staying fit and let’s just say it requires a few treats. Here are our top treats for staying fit for fall. Fit Snack is the place where you can have your cake and eat it too. With this months box of healthy snacks you can have your delicious...

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Need a Quick Fix? Try these

Sometimes you just need a quick bite, quick snack or just a quick fix! So we came up with our top 5 Quick Fix Fit Snacks. Try saying that 5X fast. Snacks should be created  with a purpose. It sounds simple and it should be, that's why we have the snack brands that...

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Fit for Fall: Fit Hacks & Snacks

Feeling fit for Fall? Fall in love with these cheesy baked Protein Crisps and all natural Power Crackers. We also included our Trainers Top 3 Fitness Hacks. Learn 3 easy ways to lose stubborn fat. The key to staying motivated when the seasons are changing or just when...

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Rejuven8 with Proper Protein Intake

Not every protein is created equally. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan knowledge of proteins and understanding your sources of protein are important and crucial to properly rejuven8 your body. We have complete proteins and incomplete proteins. Regardless of your...

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Mind Body | Part II

Welcome to the launch of part two of the three part Mind Body series. Our Nutritionist and Personal Trainer designed a simple three part workout and nutrition series.  The purpose, to use Nutrition and Training guidance to maximize your energy and vitality in your...

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